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Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else’s identity, usually as a method to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and other benefits in the other person’s name, and perhaps to the other person’s disadvantage or loss.

Clean Your Criminal Record Here.

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What is a criminal record

A criminal record is a record that linked your dealings negative activities with the law enforcement. offenses you were convicted of, and those you did not.
The information included in a criminal record and the existence of a criminal record varies between countries and even between jurisdictions within a country.

In most cases, it lists all non-expunged criminal offenses and also include traffic offenses such as speeding and drunk driving.

Some Countries Criminal record is limited to actual convictions (where the individual has pleaded guilty or been declared guilty by a qualified court), meanwhile some includes arrests, charges dismissed, which the individual has been acquitted with.

Criminal records may also be relevant for international travel, and for the charging and sentencing of persons who commit additional criminal offenses.

Erased records from the system

Expungement Lawyer

 How to clean criminal record,

  1. Criminal records are cleaned very easily with us.
  2. It is very easy to get your details erased from any country database system perfectly without any mishap, our services are unlimited.
  3. We have a team of professionals hackers, and computer engineers with 15 years of intense studying of the criminal record database system, our main aim is to help clean off our client’s biometric details from the criminal database system of any country.
  4.  We hack into different countries’ database system. law enforcement, FBI, police, schools, airports, companies systems, to get victims details clean off, by creating a new clear profile for the victims with no criminal record registered under any system, 100% clean and clear.
  5. There are 3 main types of criminal record database system.

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1-Full Criminal Record System Contains:

Date of birth
Personal characteristics
Stays in proceedings
Withdrawn charges
Conviction history
Dates associated with each conviction
Absolute and conditional discharges

2- Criminal Record Synopsis System

Contains individual data and conviction history only.

3- Criminal Name System Index.

Demonstrates just that a record may exist.

How to Expunge a Felony: Qualifying

If your prior felony conviction was for a lower level offense like theft or possession of controlled substance, you have a better chance of expunging your records. If it was for a higher level type of offense, like aggravated assault or sexual assault, expunction may not be available for your felony conviction. The type of sentence that you received will also influence your qualification for expunction. If you were sentenced to prison, many states will never allow you to successfully expunge your felony. If you received a probated or deferred sentence, you will have a better chance at expunging your criminal conviction. The reason this makes a difference is partially because in order to have your felony expunged, many states require that you successfully completed probation and paid all fines and retribution before you qualify for expungement. If you were sent to prison, this may automatically disqualify you.

In some states, though, you may still be able to expunge a felony where you served prison time if you can show that a lengthy amount of time has passed without new criminal charges and that you are a contributing, law abiding member of society. If you served time in prison, you should contact a criminal lawyer who handles expungements to find out if your state allows expungement under these circumstances.

Timing of Your Felony Expungment Petition

Your next step is to decide when you can file. Filing a petition for expunction before you qualify will only result in money wasted on a filing fee. Before you can expunge a criminal conviction, many states require that you wait until the statute of limitations has run on your sentence or a certain number of years have passed after your discharge from probation.

Petitioning to Expunge a Felony

After you have met the timing requirement, you should then file a petition for expunction. Most states will require you to send notice of your request to the original law enforcement agency, the district attorney’s office that handled your case, and the state agency that manages criminal histories for your state (like the Department of Public Safety). You should attach any required documents to your petition. After all the relevant parties have received your request to expunge your felony conviction, you should request a hearing with the court. If you don’t, your case likely won’t be heard. You have the burden at the hearing of proving that you qualify to have your felony conviction expunged. The procedure to expunge a felony can take between three months to almost a year depending on the court and the severity of your case.

Expungement Costs

A criminal attorney in your area can help you walk through the requirements specific to your state and jurisdiction. Attorney’s fees to expunge a felony are usually between $1,000 and $2,500, and is inclusive of all costs associated with your expunction including court appearances. They can also advise you as to alternatives to expunction. For example, if your felony conviction does not qualify to be expunged, you may still be able to obtain some relief by requesting a petition for non-disclosure. This type of petition may also help prevent employers from having access to your felony conviction. The procedures are generally the same as those for expungement.

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