Primary, AU's Tradelines and Seasoned Tradelines
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Bank of America3847$20,0001991 April23rd6th-13th2 in Stock$900.00
Bank of Hawaii5732$5,0002002 April15th6th-13th3 in Stock$550.00
Bank of Hawaii2249$15,0002002 March11th18th-25th1 in Stock$824.00
Barclays2943$25,0002003 July18th22nd-29th5 in Stock$650.00
Chase4611$11,0002003 Jun4th22nd-29th1 in Stock$934.00
Chase4291$15,0002003 Sep22nd13th-20th2 in Stock$520.00
Chase5199$50,0002004 Aug3rd17th-24th1 in Stock$1,250.00
Chase2364$10,0002004 Oct25th4th-11th1 in Stock$620.00
Discover3885$20,0002005 Mar2nd7th-14th1 in Stock$770.00
Capital One3217$35,0002005 Jan20th4th-11th2 in Stock$950.00
Discover6140$10,0002006 Apr14th4th-11th2 in Stock$500.00
Discover2297$10,0002006 Apr14th25th-2nd5 in Stock$720.00
Capital One3482$3,0002006 Feb3rd25th-2nd5 in Stock$550.00
Capital One3190$7,0002006 Jan21st20th-27th3 in Stock$700.00
Capital One3663$15,0002006 May5th28th-5th1 in Stock$510.00
Capital One2605$9,0002006 Oct5th22nd-29th2 in Stock$900.00
Elan2905$11,0002006 Oct20th1st-7th3 in Stock$510.00
Elan4012$5,0002006 Sep1st7th-14th2 in Stock$690.00
Elan3020$5,0002007 Apr30th11th-18th4 in Stock$500.00
Bank of America3233$20,0002007 Aug26th4th-11th1 in Stock$730.00
Bank of America3341$5,0002007 Aug5th11th-18th1 in Stock$935.00
Bank of America6054$2,0002007 Dec2nd13th-20th2 in Stock$850.00
Bank of Hawaii1372$5,0002007 Dec11th21st-28th2 in Stock$932.00
Barclays4180$20,0002010 Aug9th12th-13th4 in Stock$990.00
Elan2915$10,0002010 Oct20th1st-10th5 in Stock$520.00
Elan3215$3,0002010 Oct2nd5th-11th3 in Stock$750.00
Elan2905$30,0002011 Jan23rd1st-7th2 in Stock$1,020.00
Elan1005$5,0002011 Jun10th11th-17th10 in Stock$630.00

We have different types of pretty AU’s good Tradelines, effective and good Tradelines that will never make your credit score fall again.

The Definition Of A Tradeline

There’s a term in the credit world called “tradelines.”

Tradelines are an account listed on your credit report. For example, a credit card, car note, student loans, or a mortgage are all considered tradelines.



Benefit Of Credit Piggybacking

Broad regulations and legal loopholes allow for you to benefit from being an authorized user on another person’s tradeline (also known as “credit piggybacking”).

The issuing bank reports the positive credit history including the age of the account, the limit of the tradeline and the positive payment history to the select credit bureaus of their determination.

In other words, once you are added as an authorized user to an account, the history of that account appears on your credit report and will be treated as if it was your credit history.

FICO® Credit Score Factors

The payment history, age, and limit have a direct impact on the FICO credit score model which impacts your utilization ratio, average credit age, and payment history.

Boost Your Credit Score With Tradelines

Ideally, you should have at least 3 open positive tradelines on your credit report. Meaning the account should be OPEN, the payment history is perfect, and the utilization is under 25%.

We do this by adding you as an authorized user to a seasoned tradeline, allowing you to “piggyback” off of the account in good standing.

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